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Legacy Campaign Update

Legacy Campaign

We are proud to announce OLOL parishioners have currently raised over $1,300,000 towards our $3.1 million dollar goal for the Legacy of Faith, Hope and Love Campaign. This is a tremendous milestone and we are grateful to all the families who have given to this important campaign. If you have not yet submitted your pledge, now would be a great time to do so. We are so close to pushing the thermometer up over $1.5 million, which will put OLOL over halfway to our goal. Father Gilstrap would love to see 100% participation from our parish.


DID YOU KNOW? Every dollar raised returns money directly to our parish for the needs of OLOL. The closer we get to our goal, the closer we get to flipping the share, meaning OLOL receives even more of the funds raised. These important funds will go to projects right here on our very own campus such as:

  • Upgrading our sound system
  • Additional parking lot lighting
  • New carpeting in the sanctuary
  • and more!

Currently, all of the money raised thus far is from 177 donors, which represents fewer than 10% of the appeals mailed. Imagine if every parishioner prayed and discerned a meaningful gift – what that could mean to the Church in Middle Tennessee and for OLOL!  Pledges of $25 or $50 a month will quickly add up in a parish our size.


HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE? If you are ready to pledge, please mail in the pledge card you received in the mail, visit our volunteer led table in the narthex, or call or stop by the church office to pick up a pledge card. Every bit helps and we hope you will prayerfully consider being a part of this important campaign. 


COMMITMENT WEEKEND IS JULY 15th! Commitment weekend will be July 15th. Father Gilstrap will be making a special trip in that weekend to update the parish about where we are with the campaign. This weekend would be a wonderful time to submit your pledge card and help us work towards a better and greater church in middle Tennessee. 


OLOL Campaign Chairs featured in the Tennessee Register

OLOL Parishioners, Joe and Carrie Melvin, are serving as chairs of our Legacy Campaign. They were recently featured in the Tennessee Register. Check out what they are doing to help spread the word about the Legacy Campaign.


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