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We are happy to be celebrating our 7th year of CONNECT.  CONNECT is a parish-wide, small group Bible study.  We come together forming friendships and supporting one another as we deepen our faith through our love for the Lord.  If you are new to CONNECT, we would love for you to join one of our groups or facilitate a new group in your area or with your friends.

This year has been challenging for all of us, trying to find ways to still be connected to our loved ones and to our faith. As we continue to ride out this pandemic situation, God is faithful in showing us ways to be connected to our Father and with our Parish.

We understand that not all current Connect groups were able to continue to meet because of the circumstances, but others have been able to use the internet technology and media to continue their study. As we start another school year, we would like to offer different ways to CONNECT, following the CDC guidelines, until we are all able to be together again without restrictions. 

Here are some ways to CONNECT:

1- Meet in small groups at church by scheduling a room with Rhonda in the main office.

2- Meet through an internet technology, such as Zoom or Google meet.

3- Use our video Bible studies available from the Church or online.

4 –Register for the Diocese of Nashville Seminar: 

If you would like to connect with friends, new or old, to grow spiritually through the study of God’s Word, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact Patti Deffendall at or 615 944-8986 by September 1st.